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“I’m sorry!” “Are you?”

Happy Halloween from Vox Machina!

Victor the black powder merchant

Hotis the Rakshasa | Clorota the Illithid | Dr. Anna Ripley

Tyriok the map-maker | Lady Briarwood | Lord Briarwood

A toast to you, Vox Machina! Thanks for being awesome!

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“Let’s just say when I started using… I was your height.”

You need to know that Sam plays a gnome bard ineptly attepting to score what may or may not be an illicit substance (he doesn’t know) to really appreciate this, but the total cast crackup is worth commemorating in its own right.

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It took three spells to open this door!

Remember: this intrepid band has taken down two dragons, two beholders, and a legendary vampire and his necromancer wife.

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When surprised by dragons

The only truly appropriate range of responses.

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