Every week

To be clear, these E. coli with mcr-1 found in China were still susceptible to antibiotics other than colistin, but if a bacterium with genes that make it resistant to every other drug then picks up mcr-1, you get the nightmare scenario: a pan-resistant bacteria. These drug- resistant infections usually happen in people who are already sick or have weakened immune systems.

The Lancet report immediately kicked off a flurry of activity in microbiology labs around the world. And soon enough, the reports started coming out. In December, scientists reported finding mcr-1 in Denmark. Then Germany and Vietnam and  Spain and  United States and on and on. It seems like every month is a new mcr-1 development, I said to James Spencer, a microbiologist University of Bristol who collaborated with the Chinese scientists on the original Lancet paper. “Every week,” he corrected me. By the time anyone had figured out mcr-1’s existence, it had already spread around the world.

–Sarah Zhang, Resistance to the Antibiotic of Last Resort is Silently Spreading


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