Kissing Mammon’s ring in Christ’s Name

“Only the Lord knows the condition of a person’s heart. I can only tell you what I’ve heard. First, Trump appears to be tender to things of the Spirit. I also hear that Paula White has known Trump for years and that she personally led him to Christ.

“Do I know that for sure? No. Do I know the details of that alleged conversion? I can’t say that I do.

“But there are many Christian leaders who are serving on a faith advisory committee for Trump in the future. I am among them. There are about 45 of us that includes Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, Jack Graham, Ben Carson, James Robison, Jerry Johnson, and many others whom you would probably know.  

“We’ve all agreed to serve. How will that play out if Trump becomes president? I don’t know. It is a good start, I would think.  

“If anything, this man is a baby Christian who doesn’t have a clue about how believers think, talk and act. All I can tell you is that we have only two choices, Hillary or Donald. Hillary scares me to death.

“And, if Christians stay home because he isn’t a better candidate, Hillary will run the world for perhaps eight years. The very thought of that haunts my nights and days. One thing is sure: we need to be in prayer for our nation at this time of crisis.”

Dr. James Dobson, following up on his claim that Donald Trump recently accepted Christ.

Dr. Dobson is full of something, and it ain’t the Holy Spirit. Read this sentence again: “All I can tell you is that we have only two choices, Hillary or Donald. Hillary scares me to death.” End sentence. This is your brain on the Religious Right. I can understand an evangelical Christian with conservative political views not wanting Secretary Clinton to be president. I can even understand urging other Christians to pray for Donald Trump’s soul. (He clearly needs the help.) But Dobson has an entirely different idea of what constitutes “this time of crisis” than the morally conscious people of this nation if he’s willing to become a Drumpfkin in response to it. Personally, what haunts my nights and days is the thought of our churches, mosques, synagogues, and other houses of worship being staffed with leaders and preachers who think that Donald Trump is a morally superior presidential alternative to Hillary Clinton. Trump may lose the election, but those people will still be in their pulpits after November.


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