Basically, Catholics are weird, is what you’re saying?

I continue to find it curious that Catholic conservatives today want precisely the opposite kind of governance from the Church than they want from secular states. In secular politics they want decentralization, subsidiarity, local knowledge and discretion in preference to abstract laws applied from above; in Church governance they want canon law set by the Vatican and merely enforced at the local level. Now, to be sure, there’s no contradiction here; there is no reason why one must think that secular governance and Church governance should operate according to the same principles; but I still think it curious. Of course, it could also be said that American Catholic liberals have equally curious views, but in mirror image: they tend to approve of state centralization with universally binding dictates issued from Washington, while wanting the implementation of Catholic teaching to be left up to the discretion of local communities.

Basically, Catholics are weird, is what I’m saying.

—Alan Jacobs, one more round with Ross D.


One response to “Basically, Catholics are weird, is what you’re saying?

  • Agellius

    In a nutshell, I think this is because conservative Catholics trust Church government but don’t trust secular governments; let’s say this is due to believing that the Holy Spirit will guide the Church into all truth, whereas there is no such faith in secular governments; whereas Catholic liberals tend to trust secular government but not Church government, probably because historically, the Church has not been as liberal as they would have liked.


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