Totally against bullying, unless it comes to injustice

“I’m a Nat Turner fanatic, because he subverts. He disrupts injustice where it stands. He had a riotist disposition. Imagine if we all had a riotist disposition toward racial injustice, sexual injustice, [and] gender injustice.

I’m totally against bullying, unless it comes to injustice. I want to be bullish when injustice rears its head in my life — I stand up and approach it like a fighter. There’s no place for it in my life.

If everyone felt that way, then we wouldn’t have to wait for political influence. We wouldn’t have to compromise anything, because we would be the change, literally. Not in the sense of a catchphrase. If you look at our Jewish brothers and sisters, they say, “Never forget.” We would never forget that [slavery] happened [in this country]. In America we’re dealing with people with slavery [who say], “Just get over it.” In the Jewish community, it’s, “Never forget.” Why is that? I think that’s what we need to deal with in this country. Honest confrontation, so we can heal.”

— Nate Parker, interviewed by Gregory Ellwood


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