Upon finishing La Divina Commedia

“Just as the dreamer, after he awakens,

still stirred by feelings that the dream evoked,

cannot bring the rest of it to mind,


such am I, my vision almost faded from my mind,

while in my heart there still endures

the sweetness that was born of it.

In its depth I saw contained,

by love into a single volume bound,

the pages scattered through the universe:


substances, accidents, and the interplay between them,

as though they were conflated in such ways

that what I tell is but a simple light.


I believe I understood the universal form

of this dense knot because I feel my joy expand,

rejoicing as I speak of it.”

—Dante Alighieri, Paradiso XXXIII: 58-63, 85-93 (trans. Robert and Jean Hollander)


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